Orkot® is offered in tube, sheet, or custom shapes. Standard tubes are 24 inches long and available in a variety of wall thicknesses. Standard sheets are 24 inches x 48 inches, with larger sizes available. Sheets can be produced up to 6 inches thick or bonded for custom designs. CRC can provide finished parts, raw tubes, or raw sheets.

Best Features


Dimensionally Stable
Virtually 0% swell in water.


Environmentally Friendly
Water-lubricated bearings or can run dry without the need for external lubricants.


Easy Installation
Freeze fit, press-fit, bonding, or mechanically fastened. Can be freeze fitted without danger of shattering.


Exceptional Wear Resistance
Tolerant to edge loading and misalignment.

Easily Machined
As a general guide, methods used for brass, aluminum, or lignum vitae will apply to Orkot® materials.

Low Friction
Specialized low friction bearing surface to extend dry running capabilities and further reduce friction and wear rates.

How is Orkot® Manufactured?

The drawing below illustrates how Orkot® thermoset composite materials are made. The manufacturing process incorporates a woven fabric and solid lubricants within a thermosetting resin matrix.

Orkot® TXMM is a type-approved product by the American Bureau of Shipping for use in marine bearing applications.


Learn more by downloading the Orkot® Marine Bearings engineering manual.


Anchor Sheave Bearings
Capstan Bearings
Crane Mast Bearings
Deck Machinery Bearings
Deck Winch Bearings
Dredger Suction Tube Pivot Bearings
Fairlead Bearings
Hatch Cover Pads
Offshore Mooring System Bearings
Periscope Guide Bushes
Propeller Shaft Coupling Covers
Rope Guards
Rope Termination Bushings
Rudder Carrier Bearings
Rudder Pintle Bearings
Slipway Pads
Sonar Bushings and Guide Strips
Stabilizer Fin Bearings
Steering Gear Bearings
Stern Roller Bearings
Stern Shaft Bearings
Submarine Steering Gear, Tiller, and Dive Plane Bushes
Tow Pin Bushes
Watertight Door Dushes
Wear Pads

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