Dimensionally Accurate

Easy assembly, perfect fit, sealing especially at the corners, no leakages, and superior durability.

Resistant to UV

Rubber dam gate seals are resistant to Ultra Violet light and sun damage.


Meets All Specifications

Our gate seals meet even the strictest specifications for dam gate seals worldwide.


Ships in 2-3 weeks

The typical lead time is 2 to 3 weeks with expedite options available in some cases.

Rubber Seals for Dam Gates

We sell a variety of rubber gate seals specifically designed for hydraulic gates:

  • J Seals
  • Bulb Seals
  • Block & Tail
  • Bulb & Tail
  • Center Dome
  • Flat & Bullnose
  • L-Type

We offer sealing solutions in a variety of materials such as SBR, CR, NR, and many other elastomers with PTFE cladding available per customer request. 

Gate seals are engineered to either retain or prevent water penetration. They are commonly found in industries such as:

  • Power Generation
  • Hydroelectric Power
  • Water Works
  • Irrigation
  • Fish Mitigation
  • Flood Protection Projects

Long lead times giving you a headache? One of our competitive advantages is the amount of tooling that has been accumulated over the years which enables us to deliver faster lead times. We have extensive tooling and profiles available and we welcome custom requirements for your project.

Why should you buy Rubber Gate Seals from CRC?

When you have a project that requires reliability and performance, that's where we thrive. Our customer service teams know how to handle long-term timelines and will communicate effectively every step of the way. 

Hydro projects require intense focus and attention to detail. We ensure that we will deliver project requirements above and beyond your expectations with the management processes we have in place. Our company culture is dedicated to communication and precision.

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