Freight Shipments

CRC has partnered with several carriers to ship material to customers both regionally and nationally. These carriers have proven records of reliability and dependability for us and our customers over the years. These carriers’ continued service to CRC has allowed our customers to put their continued trust in a supplier that will be there for them when promised.

UPS Service

With a vast majority of our daily shipments being smaller boxed packages, CRC has relied on the service level of the United Parcel Service to deliver for our customers. Their service levels and reliability across the nation and the globe, allow us to deliver on time to our customers. The different levels of service offered give our customers options depending on the importance of the job or repair at hand.

International Shipping

The ability through our carriers to ship worldwide allows CRC Distribution to offer the same quality material and parts to customers all over the world. Once an order is placed, shipping is made easy with quality packaging, thorough documentation, and dependable transit to our customers wherever they may be around the globe.

Cutting & Shipping Times

CRC for years has prided ourselves on the fact that we are one of the few operations in the country that will cut, process and ship orders right up to the end of the business day. If a customer has a late repair that comes into their shop, they know they can contact our sales department up until 5:00 pm Central Standard Time and still get their order out same day and the level of service needed.

After Hours Options

If and when an emergency arises in the field, our customers have the option of calling us day or night in order to get parts or material out. In this business, time is money and we understand that breakdowns do not just happen during business hours. Our sales and warehouse staff can be at the ready when needed no matter how big or small the emergency is.

Hot Shot Shipments

In the event a shipment is needed after hours or before standard delivery times, a dedicated hot shot truck can bring your product to you. These trucks aim to have your shipment there as soon as possible or as soon as you need it. CRC understands that not all shipment fall within the guidelines of your standard shipping options, and for this, a dedicated hot shot delivery is a possible option.

Box Options for Seals

The shipping department at CRC takes pride in their packaging options. All seals orders are bagged and boxed according to their size and weight. We do not waste extra space by shipping empty air. From the smallest envelope to the largest cardboard box, we aim to keep costs down for our customers.

Seal Bags

Given the material and value of the raw material needed to make our seal products, every step is taken to ensure they reach our customers in peak condition. Bags and product are sealed and labeled accordingly to allow for better sorting once received. In the case where a material is light sensitive, special UV blocking plastic bags can be used and sealed to allow for the highest in product integrity for our customers.

Special Labels for Parts

While CRC has its own part numbers, we know that so do our customers. Custom labels can be created to match customers’ part numbers for ease in receiving and stocking. Any special numbers, letters, and characters can be put on labels to match our customers parts.

Item Shipping Labels

Customers have the convenience and option to allow CRC to drop ship for them. Blind Shipping to the end user with custom shipping labels allow for quicker delivery times and the added convenience of taking up space in our customers’ facilities.

Chrome Rod & Tube Boxing

All chrome rods are sleeved in cardboard and then boxed in cardboard to protect the chrome surface. Honed tubes have their ends protected and sealed to keep the inside surface finish protected. Depending on the size and length of an order, corrugated cardboard and wooden boxes are used to ship material to our customers. Custom boxes and crates can also be made to ship.

Custom Packing Options

While normal boxing may work for most shipments, it will not work for all shipments. Special bearings, tubes and seal kits may need their own specialized crating due to shape and dimensional requirements. These are definite possibilities for our shipping department to offer when needed.


With the high volume of shipments over the years, CRC has aggressively negotiated rates with UPS and freight carriers to keep costs down as much as possible for our customers. These rates are highly competitive in the industry. Freight charges can be either pre-paid and/or collect, depending on customer preference.