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6 in 1045 Carbon Steel Round Bar

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ST-XL (Hallite 520) wipers are direct replacements for ST or D wipers.


Designed to have interference in the seal housing groove and has a secondary lip. The secondary sealing lip located behind the primary sealing lip improves stability of the seal in the gland.

The inner dynamic lip is shorter and more robust to improve sealing and compression set characteristics over conventional, symmetrical U-seals.

The seal can be considered for use in heavy-duty applications when used with a suitable full depth back-up ring. The sealing lips are precision trimmed at an angle to give optimal rod sealing performance.


The PA 533 material is heat stabilised 33% glass reinforced nylon 66, which offers excellent bearing properties.

Compatible with hydraulic and lubricating oils. The PA 533 material is not recommended for use in water based fluids (HFA) or where significant water is present, due to the swell of the nylon.


This tube has been produced using the cold drawing process and is seamless. The cold drawing process produces higher physical properties without additional heat treating resulting in good strength to weight ratios.

SKU: CPO-6000

6 in 1045 Carbon Steel Round Bar

CPO-6000 has a 6 in diameter with Standard Chrome. The base material is 1045 Carbon Steel with a yield strength of 75,000 psi.

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ASTM A108 is the most commonly used and economical grade of shafting for hydraulic cylinder components, blower shafts, and mandrels.

  • Extremely smooth surface finish
  • Excellent wear and corrosion resistance
  • Good strength and impact properties
  • Good machinability
  • Reasonable weldability
  • Fair response to normal heat treating and induction hardening practices

Packages longer than 44 inches may have additional freight charges.

Item Specifications

  • Standard Chrome
  • 0.0005 in (0.0127mm) mimimum
  • 10%
  • Rc 68-72
  • 1045 Carbon Steel
  • ASTM A108
  • 6 in
  • 288 in
  • 0.006 in TIR per ft
  • Ra 12 max
  • -0.003 in
  • 100,000 psi
  • inch
  • 75,000 psi
  • 8.02 lbs per IN