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Urethane Wiper

Urethane Wiper | CRC Distribution Inc.

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The secondary sealing lip located behind the primary sealing lip improves stability of the seal in the gland. The unique profile of the NBR energizer ensures the primary sealing lips maintain contact under low or no pressure situations while ensuring proper sealing at higher pressures.

The Hallite 621 also incorporates an acetyl anti-extrusion ring to withstand side loads and extreme pressure peaks even with the extrusion gaps.


The PA 533 material is heat stabilised 33% glass reinforced nylon 66, which offers excellent bearing properties.

Compatible with hydraulic and lubricating oils. The PA 533 material is not recommended for use in water based fluids (HFA) or where significant water is present, due to the swell of the nylon.



SKU: AN-53

Urethane Wiper

AN wipers are ideal for light duty and pneumatic applications. Its main purpose is to prevent dirt and contaminants from entering the hydraulic or pneumatic systems.

$11.62 / EA

AN wipers will retrofit into glands prescribed in MS-33675 for corresponding dash numbers of MS-28776.

  • Flexible, snap-in design for easy installation into closed housings
  • Low compression set

Item Specifications

  • 90A Urethane
  • AN
  • 3 ft/sec
  • -65 ºF to +220 ºF
  • inch
  • 0.03 lbs per EA