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180mm AM Scraper

SKU: AM-57

180mm AM Scraper

Cadmium plated with gold chromate to QQL-614 and are inspected for required radial pressure, breakout friction, and rod light-tightness per spec. Manufactured to the MS28776 specification in accordance with the MIL-S-5049 procurement standard.

$118.26 / EA

AM scrapers are typically used in heavy duty hydraulics like aircraft landing gear and steel mill cylinders.

Seal Options

  • Solid scraping body only
  • Scraping body with a narrow groove accommodating a serpentine form spring to scraping load
  • Scraping body with a wide groove in the outside diameter accommodating two “c” style springs (resembling split washers) to generate scraping load

Item Specifications

  • Hydrowype
  • Cadmium plated Brass with gold chromate to QQL-614
  • metric