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Resealing a Dump Scow Barge ASAP

An engineer at Curtin Maritime needed molded rubber seals delivered in 4 weeks or less to meet their vessel's dry dock installation schedule.


Chris Bayley received an afterhours phone call from an engineer at Curtin Maritime about an application for rubber seals for a dump scow barge. 

A dump scow barge uses a steel camber bar system with a secondary rubber seal to maintain cargo integrity while transporting to destination.

Large dump scow barges have hydraulically-controlled compartments and doors which are equipped with leak-proof rubber seals. The doors are opened to dump the material and after dumping, the doors are closed to seal the compartments.

Chris discussed the application with the engineer and the critical time frame that was required. Curtin Maritime needed new rubber seals delivered as soon as possible to meet their dry dock installation schedule. The time frame was 4 weeks.

The engineer emailed the specifications for the seals as well as the testing procedures required. They needed a quotation the following day and a material recommendation for the application. The specification listing was for Neoprene 501 or Natural Rubber, each with different PSI requirements per the ASTM spec.

The information was immediately reviewed and in order to provide a quotation. The specifications were very specific: the seals had to be molded

Delivered a quote in 24 hours and met expedited delivery requirements for molded rubber seals.  


Chris reviewed the specifications that night and called Synaflex early the next morning to get answers to some questions he had. Together we reviewed the specifications, time constraints, and what would be the best material for the application.

We recommended that Natural Rubber would be a more suitable sealing material because it was more abrasive-resistant. 

Chris followed up with the engineering department on the material recommendation. The biggest obstacle was the 4-week time frame. And that became the deciding factor for the way we approached our quotation. 

The best lead time for molded seals would be 8 weeks due to the time it takes to produce the molds. However, we could offer extruded seals in 4 weeks, but this would clearly deviate from the specification. Chris supplied the quote that day to meet the expectations of the customer.

The quote was delivered in two different ways:

  1. Quote the molded seals per specification with an 8-week delivery.
  2. Quote the extruded seals as a voluntary alternate with noted exceptions to the specifications with a 4-week delivery.

Chris called the Curtin Maritime engineering team and discussed our quotation options. They reviewed the quote with their team and said they would decide by the next day. After numerous phone calls and emails, late the next day we received the order for the extruded seals as well as some additional spare seal material they requested. 

We shipped the material in about 4 weeks as required at about half of the cost of the molded seals.

Need rubber seals expedited?

We can deliver rubber seals fast. Typical lead time is 2 to 3 weeks, but we can expedite the process in some cases. Email for more information about molded and extruded rubber seals.