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Regularly serviced and maintained cylinders can improve their lifespan and keep them working at the optimum level. In addition to our full range of hydraulic repair products, we can also help you with custom machining services you may require for your specific application. Regular service and maintenance is essential to keep your hydraulic system running smoothly.



We offer boring services for bars with a pre-existing hole or tubes to a greater internal diameter. We offer boring capabilities as small as 2 inches and as large as 28 inches in diameter. Material can be bored up to 360 inches in length.



The drilling process produces a round hole with a precise diameter, tight concentricity tolerances, and an excellent finish. Drilling holes range from 0.125 inches to 12.5 inches in diameter. Material can be drilled up to 309 inches in length.



The main purpose of honing is to finish the bore surface to a particular diameter with an improved surface finish. Honing is typically done when repairing cylinders to remove any internal wear or scoring. Whether you need something honed as small as 0.590 inches or as large as 26 inches in diameter, we can have it honed for you. We offer honing services as small as 6 inches or as long as 720 inches in length.  



We offer some of the most sophisticated equipment for CNC, off-center drilling, milling, and turning. We are capable of producing parts to any customer specification.


Seal Identification

Got some damaged seals and just not sure which type of seal you need to replace? We can help identify which seals you have and find a sealing solution. Ship your damaged seals to us and we can help you determine which seals you need.



It is common for bars and shafts used in high stress environments to become bent, twisted, or distorted. We offer straightening presses with the tonnage necessary to give repeatable and accurate straightness tolerance.



Trepanning is a deep hole drilling process that leaves a core. In many cases, trepanning is meant to be a roughing operation to be honed for finish, or machined further. In other cases, the trepanned hole is fit for use “as-drilled.” We offer various trepanning services from a 1.75 inch hole to a 12.5 inch hole in diameter and any part up to 360 inches in length.



We offer a wide variety of lathes to meet the turning needs of our customers. Parts can be turned as small as 0.125 inch to as large as 30 inches in diameter. No matter the length of the material, we have the capabilities to meet your needs.