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Hallite 520 Wiper

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Designed to have interference in the seal housing groove and has a secondary lip. The secondary sealing lip located behind the primary sealing lip improves stability of the seal in the gland.

The inner dynamic lip is shorter and more robust to improve sealing and compression set characteristics over conventional, symmetrical U-seals.

The seal can be considered for use in heavy-duty applications when used with a suitable full depth back-up ring. The sealing lips are precision trimmed at an angle to give optimal rod sealing performance.


WR-NYL, 1 1/2 X 1/2 Wear Ring



SKU: ST-125-XL

Hallite 520 Wiper

The outside diameter of the ring has a crush lip providing extra interference in the groove. A bead on the shoulder stops contaminates from entering through the groove. The inside diameter is ribbed to prevent pressure traps between the wiper and rod seal.

$4.87 / EA

ST-XL (Hallite 520) wipers are direct replacements for ST or D wipers.

  • Crush lip to provide extra interference
  • Bead on the shoulder to keep contaminants out
  • Ribbed ID to prevent pressure traps

Item Specifications

  • Hallite
  • ST-XL
  • inch
  • 0.01 lbs per EA