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3/8 inch Flexible PTFE Lantern Ring

SKU: LR-1/4X3/8

3/8 inch Flexible PTFE Lantern Ring

3/8 inch flexible lantern ring made of 100% PTFE material.

A lantern ring is a perforated hollow ring located near the center of the stuffing box of a pump. Despite its simplistic appearance, it plays a crucial role in the successful operation of a pump system.

Placing a lantern ring between packing rings extends the life of the packing, the stuffing box, and the shaft. Ultimately, this increases the lifespan of the whole system long term.

Suitable for temperatures up to 550° F and pH 0 to 14.

Sold in roll form. Each roll is 48 inches long. Can be cut to the specific length needed, therefore eliminating the need to stock many different size rings.

$383.41 / EA

Item Specifications

  • 48 inches
  • White
  • PTFE
  • 550°F
  • 0-14
  • 3/8 inch