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3/8-inch Flax Packing

SEPCO flax PTFE braided packing

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SKU: 219-3/8

3/8-inch Flax Packing


3/8 inch 219 braided packing.

219 flax packing is constructed with a square braid, impregnated throughout with a pure PTFE dispersion, which acts as a surface leveler and fills in voids in the packing. The PTFE prevents wicking, and forms a protective shield around the flax fibers.

Recommended for brine, cold water, and cold oil and high shaft speeds. 219 flax packing is used on hydraulic rams, accumulators, reciprocating and rotary shafts, plungers, and stern tubes.

219 flax packing is suitable for shaft speeds up to 1885 fpm. The max temperature is 220°F / 104°C and the pH range is 5-9.

The approximate yield for 219-3/8 is 11.8 ft/lb.

$33.85 / LB

Item Specifications

  • 11.8 ft/lb
  • PTFE
  • Black/White
  • Square Braid
  • Anchor 381, Chesterton 329, Garlock 5413, Palmetto 1613, Teadit 2421
  • Flax
  • Reciprocating and rotary shafts, stern tube packing.
  • 1885 fpm
  • 220°F / 104°C
  • 219
  • 5-9
  • 3/8 inch