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Refurbished Kaplan Turbines with Orkot® Bearings

Carillon Power Station

The Carillon Power Station is the most powerful hydroelectric power station on the Ottawa River. It is located near Long-Sault, Canada, which is a historic place where Dollard des Ormeaux and his companions fought against the Iroquois. 

Carillon is a “run-of-river” power plant, equipped with 14 generating units that have a total capacity of 753MW. 

The dam is 1,128m long, 19.8m wide, and 16.8m high. The power station generates enough electricity for up to 150,000 households. It also supplies electricity to the Montreal area during peak hours.

The facility is equipped with adaptable Kaplan turbines that can handle the vane angle adjusted to the quantity of water. The turbine is capable of handling the mean flow of the Ottawa River which varies from 2,000m per second to 8,000m per second during the spring season.

New Developments in Bearing Materials

Andritz was selected by Hydro-Québec as the exclusive partner to refurbish all fourteen 54-MW turbine generator units at the Carillon generating station. This project will span over 16 years in total.

Hydro-Québec has awarded the supply and installation of the first set of six turbine generators. The first phase encompasses the refurbishment of six units with new generators, speed governors, and turbines.

The existing units were supplied and commissioned by Andritz in the early 1960s. At that time, greased “Standard Bronze” bearing materials were supplied.

New developments in bearing materials allowed Andritz to partner with CRC Distribution to supply Orkot® greaseless bearing materials for all 6 turbines, including 2 complete sets of spares. As a distributor, CRC's excellent knowledge of the customers’ equipment and hydroelectric applications contributed to the ease of doing business.

Orkot® bushings are freeze fitted into dummy housings during the Trial Fit Test

The Trial Fit Test bearings replicate the wicket gate bearings and prove specified clearances

A "Trial Fit Test" was performed by having Orkot® bushings freeze fitted into dummy housings. All bearings and housings design replicated real-life dimensions. The Trail Fit Test was to prove Orkot® bushing installed clearances would be as specified. 

The test was performed as predicted and approved for use by Hydro Quebec and Andritz Hydro Canada.

Due to the long schedule of the first phase of the project, CRC is supporting the project with logistics and storage over the next 5 years. CRC is storing Orkot® finished product in a climate-controlled warehouse as the initial 6 turbines are being upgraded with releases of 1 shipment per year. This makes scheduling easier and no re-engineering is required during the project's timeline.

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Watch the video below to learn more about thermoset composite bearing materials.

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