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Orkot® Marine Bearings

CRC is an official distributor of Orkot® composite bearing materials. Orkot® is the brand name of a range of proprietary composite bearing materials consisting of a matrix of fabric-reinforced polymers from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. 

For over 60 years Orkot® bearings have been used in industrial, offshore oil & gas and shipbuilding applications. Orkot® TLMM and TXMM bearing materials carry approval by classification societies worldwide. Many applications, such as steering and propulsion of merchant and navy ships, involve safety critical parts.

Orkot® Marine Bearings are manufactured from a unique synthetic composite incorporating solid lubricants for dry running to ensure outstanding wear life. Virtually no swelling in sea water and very low thermal coefficient of expansion provide dimensional stability in arctic and tropical seas. They do not corrode or promote corrosion of the housing and tolerate both edge loading and misalignment. Orkot® TXMM has been tested in independent test installations, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and is approved for use in marine applications.

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Advantages of Orkot® Marine Bearings

  • Dimensionally stable
  • Excellent wear resistance with virtually no swell in water
  • Outstanding low-friction characteristics
  • Unrivalled performance in dry running conditions or with boundary lubrication

Their elasticity, compared to metal bearings, permits edge loading and misalignment, even under the heaviest loads. They provide effective and maintenance free solutions where salt water is involved. Hydrodynamic running is possible when velocities are at least 1 m/s or 3.2 ft/s.



Orkot® Resources & Type Approvals:                                                                                    

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Orkot® Marine Bearings Engineering  Manual

Orkot® TXMM & TLMM Features

Orkot® Machining Instructions - Download PDF

Orkot® Fitting Procedures - Download PDF

ISO 9001:2008 Certification - Download PDF

Orkot® TLMM Marine Type Approval - Download PDF

Orkot® TXMM Marine Type Approval - Download PDF


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