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Metric DOM Honed Tubing

CRC stocks a full range of DOM carbon steel tubes ranging in size from 40mm to 200mm. In addition to our stock tubing, we can special-order a wide variety of non-standard sizes. Our DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) tubing is produced in carbon grades 1020-1026 to the ASTM A513 Type 5 specification.

Carbon Steel Tubing Capabilities
American Specifications
ASTM A513 Type 5, ASTM A519 cold drawn seamless, KR3504 (ST52.3 (ST37.2)
Steel honed tubes are often used for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder manufacturing and pump barrels where close tolerances and smooth surface finishes are critical in these applications.
Materials can be readily machined, honed, skived, etc. as well as thermally treated to produce a superior finished product.
The absence of alloying elements in combination with the low manganese content makes for easy welding.
Heat Treated
Can be heat treated.
Typical Chemical Analysis
SAE 1026 (for KR 3504, see suitable-to-hone: for KR3503 see special smooth ID)
C .22 - .28
MN .60 – .90
P .010 Max
S .025 Max
Si .10 - .25
Ni .15 Max
Cr .15 Max
Cu .25 Max
Typical Mechanical Properties
SAE 1026
Tensile Strength (ksi) 85
Yield Point (ksi) 75
Elongation (% in 2") 15
Rockwell Hardness RB80
Metric Honed Tubing 1026
MHT-40mm x 50mm 40mm x 50mm
MHT-40mm x 60mm 40mm x 60mm
MHT-45mm x 55mm 45mm x 55mm
MHT-50mm x 60mm 50mm x 60mm
MHT-50mm x 65mm 50mm x 65mm
MHT-55mm x 75mm 55mm x 75mm
MHT-60mm x 70mm 60mm x 70mm
MHT-60mm x 80mm 60mm x 80mm
MHT-63mm x 73mm 63mm x 73mm
MHT-63mm x 78mm 63mm x 78mm
MHT-63mm x 83mm 63mm x 83mm
MHT-65mm x 75mm 65mm x 75mm
MHT-65mm x 85mm 65mm x 85mm
MHT-70mm x 80mm 70mm x 80mm
MHT-70mm x 90mm 70mm x 90mm
MHT-75mm x 85mm 75mm x 85mm
MHT-75mm x 90mm 75mm x 90mm
MHT-75mm x 95mm 75mm x 95mm
MHT-80mm x 90mm 80mm x 90mm
MHT-80mm x 95mm 80mm x 95mm
MHT-80mm x 100mm 80mm x 100mm
MHT-80mm x 105mm 80mm x 105mm
MHT-85mm x 95mm 85mm x 95mm
MHT-85mm x 100mm 85mm x 100mm
MHT-85mm x 105mm 85mm x 105mm
MHT-90mm x 100mm 90mm x 100mm
MHT-90mm x 105mm 90mm x 105mm
MHT-90mm x 110mm 90mm x 110mm
MHT-100mm x 115mm 100mm x 115mm
MHT-100mm x 120mm 100mm x 120mm
MHT-100mm x 125mm 100mm x 125mm
MHT-100mm x 130mm 100mm x 130mm
MHT-105mm x 115mm 105mm x 115mm
MHT-105mm x 125mm 105mm x 125mm
MHT-110mm x 130mm 110mm x 130mm
MHT-110mm x 134mm 110mm x 134mm
MHT-110mm x 140mm 110mm x 140mm
MHT-115mm x 130mm 115mm x 130mm
MHT-115mm x 135mm 115mm x 135mm
MHT-115mm x 140mm 115mm x 140mm
MHT-120mm x 140mm 120mm x 140mm
MHT-120mm x 145mm 120mm x 145mm
MHT-125mm x 140mm 125mm x 140 mm
MHT-125mm x 145mm 125mm x 145mm
MHT-130mm x 150mm 130mm x 150mm
MHT-135mm x 160mm 135mm x 160mm
MHT-140mm x 159mm 140mm x 159mm
MHT-140mm x 160mm 140mm x 160mm
MHT-140mm x 165mm 140mm x 165mm
MHT-145mm x 172mm 145mm x 172mm
MHT-150mm x 180mm 150mm x 180mm
MHT-160mm x 190mm 160mm x 190mm
MHT-170mm x 200mm 170mm x 200mm
MHT-180mm x 200mm 180mm x 200mm
MHT-200mm x 230mm 200mm x 230mm

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