Hydroelectric Turbine Bearings, Spillway Gates, Valves | CRC Distribution, Inc.

Hydro Composite Materials

At CRC, we proud to work alongside the hydroelectric industry. Approved by the USACE, we strive to provide the best materials for any hydro need. We also work with OEM and MRO companies. Here are some of the materials we stock:


  • Turbine Bearings
  • Shut-off Valves
  • Penstock Valves
  • Kaplan Runner Blade Bearings
  • Wheel and Slide Gates
  • Spillway Gates
  • SpillwayGate Trunnon Bearings & Thrust Washers
  • Wicket Gate Guide Vane, Thrust, & Linkage Bearings



Orkot® Hydro Resources:


Hydropower Solutions - Download PDF

Orkot® C417 Highload Bearing Material - Download PDF

Orkot® Hydro Bearings Installation - Download PDF

Orkot® Hydro Bearings Instructions - Download PDF



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