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Hydraulic Cylinder Rod

A cylinder rod (often called a piston rod) is typically a hard chrome-plated piece of cold-rolled steel which operates both inside and outside the cylinder barrel. This means that it must also operate within and outside of the hydraulic fluid. The cylinder rod attaches to the piston and extends from the cylinder through the rod-end head, and connects the working component within the machine to its hydraulic actuator.

Cylinder Rod Coatings & Sizes

We stock a complete size range of Standard Chrome Cylinder Rods and Induction Hard Chrome Cylinder Rods 1045/1050 up to 8.000 inch diameter. Metric sizes are stocked up to 160mm. Stainless Steel TG&P and Stainless Steel Chrome Plated 17-4 H-1150 are stocked up to 4.500 inch diameter. Stock sizes can be cut and shipped same day. Custom sizes are also available. Did you know we also hydraulic repair seal kits?

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